About Maximal

dot sleepIt may seem odd for us to define ourselves by what we are not, but we feel this is the simplest way to avoid confusion.

We are NOT:
a kennel
a pet store
a business
commercial breeders
backyard breeders
a puppy mill
puppy agents

We do not profit from the sale of dogs.

So what is Maximal Manchester Terriers? It’s the name I use to identify my dogs within the realm of the dog fancy. I consider myself an advocate for the Manchester Terrier as a breed, companion and part of history. They are the oldest existing terrier breed, dating back to the original black and tan terrier that evolved in England as a means of pest control in a time before modern sanitation. Manchesters appear behind a large variety of breeds ranging from the Doberman Pinscher to the Toy Fox Terrier.  This loyal breed is on the endangered list and stands to become extinct due to a dwindling number of breeders and enthusiasts.

My goal is to preserve and support the breed through participation in the sport of purebred dogs, breed rescue, and active membership in the American Manchester Terrier Club. Our dogs are pets who live in our home and happen to compete in dog shows, earthdog, lure coursing, animal assisted therapy and many more activities. Click here to read more about my views on responsible breeding.

I have supported AKC Meet the Breeds in New York City since the event’s inception, hosting and helping to design the display for our breed. My dogs appear at the booth and have been selected to provide earthdog demonstrations, much to the joy of the crowd. We love interacting with and educating the public about the many reasons we feel the Manchester Terrier is the greatest breed to love and own. We have plans to attend Meet the Breeds 2017. Visit akcmeetthebreeds.com for more information on this annual event.